Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Mahindra & Mahindra Bolero Invader

I finally got around to biting the bullet and applying for the leased vehicle option and chose to go with the Mahindra And Mahindra Bolero Invader.

This is the very basic vehicle and the one I chose was without the 4WD, as i think I should just add a good winch and it should be able to haul me out of most sticky situations.

I have had quite some experience with another Mahindra vehicle, the MM540 of the yester years, but the Invader is nothing like the old docile MM540.

The Bolero Invader that I have features a 2.5 liter turbo charged direct injection engine. It has a lot of torque when and where I want it, and an extremely usable powerband.

About the vehicle buying experience, the less said the better..., mostly.

The dealer, India garage was very nice and they were all very friendly and helpful. I found I did not have to even budge from my chair in my office. They took care of everything.

The manufacturer, Mahindra and Mahindra, were outstandingly helpful with all the questions that I had about the vehicle. I started the whole shopping activity with an eye on the very sexy TL (Telco Line) truck, which has a feature list which met my criteria perfectly. Sadly they could not meet my price point.

Then I switched my attention to the Bolero Camper, but that one turned out to be a bit of a damp squib... A truck more than a jeep, I just could not imagine turning up at work everyday on the Bolero Camper. Oh, there was also this small issue of fit and finish and niggling problems of loose or hanging trim.

My Bolero Invader got delivered to me, in a mixed state:
  • It was very dirty and dust ridden on the inside.
  • There was mud, yes, lots of mud on the floor mat, which by the way is rubber. With nothing else over or under it.
  • It had paint damage in two places. Both of which were nicks and scratches.
  • Then there is this problem with the soft top not being able to hook up with the eyelet on the tailgate because the eyelet and the velcro strap are not aligned. It's off by 4 inches...!

Other than these and some other smaller issues, the Invader is so much fun. The commanding view of the road is wonderful. The engine begs you to revv it, and I am waiting for the running in period to get over so that I can do just that. I am attaching a few pics of the Bolero Invader, taken from my phone cam. please don't expect SLR grade images...:)


Aneesh said...

my self aneesh i like jeep very much and invader is some what my dream vehicle i like to have a photo of modified invader if available

Samurai said...

Do you have the full technical specification of Invader? It is not available anywhere on the web.

Ronnie Jacob said...

Please leave a contact address, so that I can reply...

Rajat said...

Dear Ronnie
I am new to off roading basically I am an angler looking for a vehicle for my fishing trips would appreciate it hugely if you can Throw some light on the specification of the vehicle and also if you can tell me if it is available in four wheel drive or not ? I am also very keen to know what will be the cost of the winch which you have mentioned to be put on the vehicle seems like loads of questions
thanks my contact email id is

Abhi said...

my self abhishek i love invader and am interested in buying one.Where can i get it?????

john smith said...

The Bolero SLX has the distinctive Bolero look with its rough and rugged exteriors and is powered by the mighty m2DiCR Engine. Experience superior comfort with the all new wood finish central console, central locking system and an advanced Digital Display.