Sunday, June 07, 2015

Something New Something Different

As part of a major overhaul, ProPix is now incorporating additional products and services to its large portfolio. Film Gear will address the needs of an entirely new generation of content creators, who are publishing both on traditional media like films, movies, documentaries, cinema and ads, to completely web facing requirements. 

FilmGear is singularly focused on providing a single point of contact for all your requirements for creating high quality content, whether it is for entertainment, education, or marketing.

A sample of the FilmGear product line-up includes 4K HD Cinema cameras, Professional broadcast quality audio acquisition in the form of professional Microphones, and portable field recorders for DSLR cameras and camcorders. Lenses are what really helps you translate your vision into movie magic, and for that we have Zeiss and Canon Cinema lenses, along with the usual pro lenses from Nikon and Canon. To light up your vision of the final product, we are also incorporating a slew of lighting, including LED light panels and Fresnel cine lights. To complement all of the above, we bring together a complete line-up of audio and video accessories and support systems, including hard-cases for transport, shipping or storage, and also camera rigs, cages, dolly, sliders and professional tripods.
If you are a film-maker movie-maker Cine professional, director Photography (DP), or a serious enthusiast, take a peek at the website. It is turning out to be the most visited affordable online camera store in India.